Primaira - Projects


Primaira, LLC is currently engaged in the following multidisciplinary product and process development projects:

• Manufacturing Equipment for Medical Materials

Developing a continuous-feed casting process for a non-newtonian polymeric material used in medical applications.

Mechanical Engineering, Process Controls, Manufacturing, Medical Products

• Best-in-Class Countertop Appliance Development

Developing products with enhanced cooking performance, new functionality, and quantifiable market claims. This work involves detailed competitive analysis, cost-effective implementation of new features/functionality and design for manufacture. Development integrates food and sensory sciences with engineering to create and validate market claims.

Food Science, Mechanical Engineering, Controls Engineering, Sensory Analysis, CFD Analysis, Design for Manufacturing

• Patented Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Quality Enhancement Technology


Primaira's Mode 2400 Unit

Developing technology to control ethylene produced by fresh fruits and vegetables transported and stored in refrigerated containers

This government funded program includes the research, product design, application testing, and commercialization of a compact, low-cost, air cleaning product that extends the shelf life and improves the quality of fresh produce. To learn more about Primaira's patented Bluezone® Fresh Preservation Technology visit:

Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Controls Engineering, Manufacturing, Food Science

• Breakthrough Medical Sterilizer Research and Product Development

Providing complete product development programs to bring products from technical feasibility to manufacturing implementation

The product development is conducted in accordance with ISO and Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for medical product development.

Mechanical Engineering, Controls Engineering, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Reaction Engineering, Manufacturing, Market Research/Focus Groups

• Anti-microbial Technology for Refrigerators

Developing test methods and testing the effectiveness of systems for reducing the microbial load in refrigerators

Microbiology, Mechanical Engineering, Controls Engineering, Manufacturing

• Consumer Beverage Preparation Machine

Primaira's Bluezone® Model 2400 Unit improves FF&V shelf life and quality in twenty foot reefers and walk-in refrigeration.

Consumer Beverage Preparation Machine

Developing an automated consumer countertop appliance to dispense, mix, and sanitize powdered beverages

Mechanical Engineering, Microbiology, Food Science, Controls Engineering, Manufacturing


Automated consumer countertop appliance to dispense, mix, and sanitize powdered beverages such as baby formula