Manufacturing Launch

Primaira is unique in offering not just high-performance product development, but onshore manufacturing launch as well.

We guide you through the critical first year of production, from process development through quality assurance.

Once your product has successfully launched, we seamlessly transition build to a high-volume partner.

Our start-up and commercial clients launch products on-shore to achieve market validation prior to the significant investment of overseas production.

Our venture and investment clients reduce risk and improve financial efficiency with shared, early launch capability across their hardware portfolio companies to quickly validate products in the market.

Process Development

  • Process Flow Diagrams and Parameters
  • Process FMEA
  • Assembly Procedures


  • Engineering Build
    • Integrated product and process development
    • Product verification
  • Pilot Build
    • Manufacturing process verification
    • End of line and subassembly test development
    • Inspection/Product validation
  • Low-Volume Production
    • Onshore manufacturing
    • Support during initial demonstrations, field trials, sales

Materials Management

  • Traceability and Data Collection
  • Plan for Every Part

Capacity Planning

  • Modeling, Time Studies, Cost Analysis

Quality Assurance

  • Process Mapping and Control Planning
  • PPAP Planning and Procedures
  • First Article Inspection Plans and Testing

Transition to Contract Manufacturer or High-Volume Production