Air Purification Technology

Primaira, LLC invented, patented, developed and commercialized Bluezone® air purification technology, a novel approach to air cleaning that converted rather than captured pollutants. After many years of technology and product development work, Primaira created a start-up company, Bluezone Products, Inc., to market and manufacture a number of product lines into the cold storage, indoor farming, transportation, consumer, and food service industries. Primaira serves as the engineering arm of Bluezone Products, providing both continuing engineering and production support as well as new product development for new applications and industries.

This novel air cleaning technology was initially developed for the US military through the DOD Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.  The objective of the Army research program was to extend the shelf life and improve the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables (FF&V) delivered to our troops and commissaries around the world.  The Army had no capability for FF&V preservation beyond 7 days.  Soldiers would benefit from the technology by having high quality produce available to them.

Primaira, LLC created an air cleaning technology to control ethylene and decay-causing micro-organisms to extend the shelf-life and improve the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Primaira invented an approach to removing ethylene by reacting the molecule with ozone in the presence of UV light. It was a new approach to air cleaning.  Instead of capturing and concentrating, the new approach converts contaminants into inert byproducts. Primaira engineers scaled the technology to apply to residential refrigeration, walk in coolers, and containerized shipping.



Instrumentation and Facilities

Over the course of the multi-phase, multi-year development effort, Primaira developed extensive skills, experience, instrumentation and facilities in the following areas:

  • Air quality measurement and analysis
  • Microbial measurement and characterization
  • Particle size and concentration measurement and control
  • Fruit and vegetable quality assessment
  • Air quality modeling
  • Ozone generation and destruction chemistry
  • Ozone destruction catalysis
  • Low temperature VOC oxidation and catalysis
  • Particulate Filtration
  • IoT and app development for air purifiers
  • Air purification technologies
  • Noise mitigation in air flow systems
  • Fan design and analysis
  • Air flow measurement and control


For the past 4 years, Primaira has served as Bluezone Product’s engineering team and has designed, prototyped, tested and validated marketing claims for the following additional Bluezone air cleaning products for consumers, the automotive industry and business to business customers.

For more product information visit BluezoneFresh.