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Extending Shelf Life and Preserving Quality in FF&V Shipping and Storage

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Fresh fruits and vegetables (FF&V) are highly valued yet short lived; Primaira’s Preservation System with Bluezone® Fresh Preservation Technology preserves fresh fruit and vegetable (FF&V) quality and extends shelf life along the global supply chain of storage, distribution, transport, retail sale and consumer use.

Primiara's Bluezone® technology is available in different sized models to service transport containers, walk-in refrigeration, or warehouse storage.

Left: Model 2400 unit; Right: Reach-in refrigerator product scale
Primaira's Model Bluezone® 2400 Unit improves FF&V shelf life and quality in twenty foot reefers and walk-in refrigeration. Primaira's Bluezone® technology is scaled for reach-in refrigerator and automotive applications.

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Model 300: Small-Medium Walk-ins

Model 2400: Large Walk-ins